«« Tea and Cake or Death, Saint John the Baptist

29 x 37, oil on canvas, 2009        $800.00

According to the canonical Gospels, John the Baptist’s public ministry was brought to a close when he was imprisoned on the orders of Herod Antipas.  The synoptic gospels state that Herod reacted to John’s condemnation of his marriage to Herodias, the former wife of his half-brother Herod II.

Regarding John’s death, Antipas had John killed to preempt a possible uprising, according to Josephus.  Matthew links John’s death as well with Herodias, as he related that her daughter Salome so much delighted Antipas with a dance that he vowed to grant her any wish to which, after asking her mother Herodias, she demanded the head of John the Baptist (Matthew 14:6 – 8).  The Gospels date the death of John prior to the crucifixion of Jesus.