«« Have no Fear of Greatness, Saint Juliana

59 x 44, oil on canvas, 2009        sold

Julian suffered martyrdom during the Diocletian persecution, 2454-311 A.D.  According to the account given in legend, Juliana lived in Nicodmedia with her father, Africanus, who was a pagan and hostile to the Christians.

When Julian turned down a betrothal to Eulogius, the prefect of Nicomedia, he had her severely beaten and ordered her hung up by the hair of her head for half a day and molten lead poured on her.  When she endured these tortures unharmed Eulogius threw here into prison.  Soon a devil in the guise of an angel appeared, but Juliana saw through his act and delivered a sever beating to the creature.  When the prefect summoned Juliana from her jail cell she came to his court dragging the devil by his tail.  The demon pleaded with her saying: “Lady Juliana, stop making a fool of me or I will never again be able to mislead anyone!  Christians are supposed to be merciful, but you have no mercy at all!”  She dragged him from one end of the market place to the other, finally tossing him into a sewer.

The prefect Eulogius was not swayed by her demon roping abilities and ordered her stretched on a wheel until all her bones were broken and marrow spurted out.  An angel came down and healed all her wounds so she was whole.  Frustrated Eulogius ordered the woman beheaded.