«« With Such Might Did She Hold, Saint Lucy

48 x 48, oil on unstretched canvas        $800.00

Saint Lucy lived from 283 to 304 when she was martyred in the Diocletian persecution.  Lucy is famous for the loss of her eyes.  There are numerous versions of how this happened.  Most commonly Lucy had consecrated her virginity to God and refused to marry a pagan. Her would-be husband denounced her as a Christian to the governor of Syracuse, Sicily. During her passion her persecutors were  unable to move her or burn her, so out of frustration the guards took out her eyes with a fork.  A lesser known version says that this would-be husband, harassed Lucy with his attempted wooing, continuously telling the maiden that she had beautiful eyes.  To assuage his advances Lucy plucked the eyes from her head and sent them to the young man in a box saying, “You now have that which you so desire.  Now leave me in peace.”